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AquaBoostAG Dash/Circle

There is an AquaBoostAG formulation for every crop and soil type

AquaBoostAG provides moisture infiltration, penetration, and retention in a three-pronged solution for water retention by altering soil hydraulics without causing phytotoxicity and is even proven to improve microbial activity.

The unique properties of AquaBoostAG maintain the moisture in the soil around the roots of your crop, promoting higher yields, lower sodium uptake, greater fertiliser retention and efficacy, and reduced evaporation. With the easily applied, safe solution, you see cost savings across the board.

AquaBoostAG is versatile and applicable for crops of all sizes, including; Agriculture, Viticulture, Horticulture, Broadacre, Vegetables, Lawn and Turf, Land and Streetscape, and Silviculture.

AquaBoostAG formulations come in sizes suitable for a range of applications

AquaBoostAG Tick

2L Turf & Garden

For small operations, domestic use, and small lawns, the AquaBoostAG Turf & Garden is easy to apply and conveniently packaged to connect with basic home gardening operations.
AquaBoostAG Tick

20L Small Container

A 20-litre container of AquaBoostAG will cover approximately 4 hectares of land, suitable for small farming operations or for treating problem soil areas.
AquaBoostAG Tick

200L Barrel

A 200-litre barrel of AquaBoostAG covers approximately 40 hectares of soil, depending on factors such as soil and crop type, climate, and weather factors.
AquaBoostAG Tick

1000L Tank

One full tank of AquaBoostAG will cover approximately 200 hectares of soil and lasts for approximately 8-10 weeks in the soil profile, with reapplication best informed by the use of moisture probes and assessment at the time of application.
AquaBoost 2L Turf and Garden
(Only NWS Turf & Garden)
AquaBoost 20L small container
AquaBoost 1000L Container
AquaBoost 1000L Container

The AquaBoostAG product range

AquaBoostAG30 Liquid Logo

AquaBoostAG30 Liquid

AquaBoostAG30 is a soil moisture solution which increases irrigation and fertiliser efficiency by altering soil hydraulics, slowing the infiltration of moisture through the soil profile, promoting the lateral spread of moisture through the soil, and holding water and nutrients in the root zone for a longer period.

AquaBoostAG30, by encouraging the lateral spread of water through the soil profile, interrupts the natural tendency of water to follow pathways of least resistance. Maintaining a body of water around the roots helps prevent salt uptake.

AquaBoostAG30 has been shown to significantly reduce irrigation requirements and associated water and power costs. AquaBoostAG30 has consistently been shown to produce crops of higher quality and greater yield.

Where crops are grown in dryland situations, AquaBoostAG30 effectively harvests rainfall holding the moisture in the plant’s root zone.

AquaBoostAG30 is suitable for use on all crops and in all irrigation systems. AquaBoostAG30 is recommended for all soil types apart from hydrophobic (non-wetting). In these situations, use AquaBoostAG30 NWS.
AquaBoostAG NWS logo

AquaBoostAG30 Non-Wetting Soils

AquaBoostAG30 NWS is a formula engineered to overcome hydrophobic (non-wetting) characteristics present in ‘hard-to-wet’ soil.

AquaBoostAG30 NWS provides the same infiltration, penetration, and retention effects as AquaBoostAG30 Liquid, showing much the same advantages in savings, yield, and quality on crops grown in non-wetting soils.

AquaBoostAG30 NWS is suitable for use on all crops and in all irrigation and liquid delivery systems.
AquaBoostAG Fulvic Blend Logo

AquaBoostAG30 Fulvic Blend

AquaBoostAG30 FB is formulated with high-quality fulvic acid designed to release locked-up phosphorous, zinc and other nutrients. AquaBoostAG30 FB promotes healthy soil organisms by creating an environment conducive to strong soil biology.

Fulvic acid also stimulates the plant’s existing auxin production and enhances the ability of the plasma membrane to sense other natural growth hormones. Fulvic acid not only stimulates cell division and growth but also gives plants better drought tolerance and higher yields.

AquaBoostAG30 Fulvic Blend maintains the same advantages provided by other AquaBoostAG30 formulations, in addition to the fulvic acid component.

AquaBoostAG30 FB is suitable for use on all crops and in all irrigation systems. AquaBoostAG30 FB is recommended for all soil types apart from hydrophobic (non-wetting). In these situations, use AquaBoostAG30 NWS.
AquaBoostAG Direct Logo

AquaBoostAG Direct

AG Direct: A Better Wetter, was formulated to reduce drift and foaming issues in spray applications.

AG DIRECT is compatible with commonly used spray additives. Jar test if unsure.

AG DIRECT reduces foaming and drift related issues in spray application
AquaBoostAG Laminar Flow

AquaBoostAG Laminar Flow

AquaBoostAG Laminar Flow polymer is designed to offer a non-toxic, non-corrosive means of dealing with colloidal clays in irrigation systems. For growers the issue of dealing with colloidal material in irrigation systems is one which influences system efficiency (decreased flow rates due to build up of clays within the irrigation system) and the energy costs associated with pumping water through pipes with clay build up.

The removal of clays from within the irrigation system leads to greater flow and system uniformity. It also leads to increased efficiency in fertigation application within an irrigation shift.
AquaBoosAG Kelp Blend Logo

AquaBoostAG Kelp Blend

AquaBoost AG Kelp Blend is derived from bull kelp found at and below full tide levels on King island Tasmania. It is then dried and fermented for a period of 9 months before being turned into a liquid formulation ready for use.

There are many benefits of using kelp across a wide cross section of markets in agriculture, turf and home garden applications.
AquaBoost AG Kelp Blend promotes healthy root systems in plants
AquaBoost AG Kelp Blend facilitates a more effective nutrient uptake
AquaBoost AG Kelp Blend stimulates micro organisms in the soil that are beneficial to the plant.
AquaBoostAG Humic Blend logo

AquaBoostAG Humic Blend

AquaBoostAG Humic Blend is a polymerised humic formulation that increases soil moisture holding capability & nutrient uptake and aids with root system development. It promotes a healthy soil structure increasing microbial activity in the root zone.
AquaBoost100 SAP Logo

AquaBoostAG100 SAP

AquaBoostAG100 SAP is a formula designed for long-term moisture retention and availability by increasing soil and substrate’s water-holding capacity over long periods of time.

Capable of holding 300-400 times its own weight in water, AquaBoostAG30 SAP reduces the need for frequent irrigation and fertilisation, holding water and nutrients near the roots between absorption release cycles and re-absorbing water readily to hold and release throughout the next cycle. AquaBoostAG30 SAP, in addition to the benefits present in other AquaBoostAG30 products, also improves the soil structure by aeration as a result of the expansion-contraction cycle of the product.

The product is available in coarse and medium granules to suit different soil types. The medium granules are for finer soils.

AquaBoostAG100 SAP is best blended with fertiliser and is suitable for agriculture, horticulture, arboriculture, broadacre, vegetables, lawn & turf, and all tree crops.

For more information about which AquaBoostAG solution is best for your crops, refer to our brochures.



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